Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bathroom reading

Well, if you made it this far past the title of this post, I'm impressed!! You either have an inquiring mind, or are curious what sort of fool I may make of myself this time! :-) But seriously, the title of this post isn't designed to be misleading or even to entice you to read further.

If you'll recall, one of my first posts asked why women tend to avoid discussing theology. Some of the comments I received (on and off the post) stated that the reader struggled with having time to read or consider theology. So, this morning in the course of my own busy day--wife, mother, home educator, aging parents who need regular assistance or advise, active in my local church, the wife of a church leader, and personally pursuing further formal education--I recognized a long-time practice in my home that certainly would work in the homes of others!

I want to recommend to you ladies that you select a good book or two on theology and/or church doctrine, and keep it in the bathroom that you frequent most often in your house! Even if you're too shy to admit it, there is some great reading time to be had in that room everyday!! :-)

I'll admit this isn't a novel idea, it's just that I'm nuts enough to post it here for all the world to read. And I'm not the only one to take notice of it--I once worked in an office where one man picked up the department's copy of the Wall Street Journal about the same time every morning and headed down the hall--now THAT'S time management!

So ladies (that's who I'm primarily speaking to!!), please consider fitting a little theology into your day--you'll benefit greatly, so will your friends, husband, children, neighbors, and church!!

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I'm going to go do a bit of reading. (No offense intended!!!)


Clarissa said...

LOL! Bathroom reading is prime reading b/c the door has a lock!!

I don't have a place to keep a book in the bathroom (all 6 of us share ONE bathroom!!) b/c the toddler might decide to flush it at some point, but I often grab a book and take it with...

A book currently on my "To Read" list is Can Man Live Without God? by Ravi Zacharias. I just love his reasoning skills, which are, I admit, far above my own!

4given said...

I do this and it works for me!!!

sheshe said...

Ha! As I scrolled down your posts, I found it humorous that this is the one with the most comments!

Since so many are in line for our bathroom, I have to find other places to catch a moment here and there. Bob and I love our sunroom that has french doors we can close. I have made "Do Not Disturb" signs to place on them, although I admit they are not always adhered to...