Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf (aka: theology)?

It may be my imagination, but it seems that the majority of today's average Xian (Christian) women are hesitant to talk theology. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I've seen and experienced over the past 20+ years.

Perhaps the word "theology" itself intimidates some. Perhaps many Xian women have not benefited from sitting under sound Biblical teaching. Perhaps some believe that such discussions do not reflect a "gentle and quiet spirit". Perhaps others believe that it is not applicable to their daily life as a woman, wife, mother, single woman, working woman, etc. Or, perhaps today's Xian women have been convinced, or worse yet resigned themselves, to believe that such matters are best left to clergymen, seminary graduates, and wild-eyed philosophers.

This situation is so prevalent that I've notice over the years--more often than not--I'm drawn to theological conversations occupied predominately by men (in case you're wondering, my husband is almost always among them).

So, whether you're a Xian woman or a Xian man, new believer or mature believer, I would very much like to hear from you. What do you think, or what have you observed, regarding the reason or reasons why today's average Xian women tend to avoid theological discussions?


Karen said...

Hi Connie!

Hmmmm - here's my thoughts....

I'm fascinated by theology/philosophy, but it does spin me in circles! And, I can hardly find any MEN (that aren't in seminary/FT Xian service) that take the time to discuss it outside of Bible Study/S.S. either(My husband included!)

Our S.S. leader has coffee daily at a local pharmacy where he meets "the regulars" - some of whom are of different denom's and some who aren't 'saved' at all. Their discussions provide much fodder for the Bible Study/SS hour as illustrations of the differences in denom. doctrines/darkened souls become apparent in their conversations. But, step outside of that realm, and no one seems to have the "time" to cogitate/meditate on the Word and it's biblical implications. There are the days when I wish I were a lonely shepherd (and yes, I do mean lonely - as in ALONE! no TV, telephone, husband, kids, other distractions) on the side of the mountain so that I could think through some of the seemingly simple matters of faith that I've picked up over the years.

I could go on....but I guess to put it succinctly - we don't MAKE the time to think about it. For goodness sakes - I do well to get a bible devotion and or simple study done "almost" daily.

I guess ~generally speaking~ I think that with the realm of all the heavy responsibilities that we carry with work, family, Xian service commitments, it doesn't leave us much time to A: think about it, and B: "hash" out the differences individually or in group discussions.

Now, you see, this is the kind of meaty stuff I'd LOVE to discuss at a ladies retreat over multiple cups of tea/coffee and muffins (It would defin. be an all-nighter!) But that also takes an "appointment" inked in my planner.

Well, I'm rambling - sorry. But, hopefully as topics come up here and others weigh in and stimulate/inspire/provoke my thinking, this will be the time/place where I can feed my theological longings as well!

Gotta run - more worldly cares to handle at home! Karen

sheshe said...

My own struggle has been to overcome my upbringing, as my family never discussed anything amongst themselves. My dad was THE authority and, as my husband now says, "If he wanted my opinion he would give it to me!" We went to SS and church on Sunday mornings, but our beliefs were never spoken of outside of the church building.

Then I got married. As you well know, my husband has opinions about everything and it bugged him to death that I had no reasons for what I "believed". Over the years I began to learn how to discuss things a bit more and he learned to be more compassionate with me.

Now I can sometimes hold my own in theological discussions, but not all of the time.

Be sure to check out our friend, Lisa N.'s, blog. I don't know how she has time to think and post as much as she does!