Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Okay, now what do I do?

This first post represents my baby steps toward becoming a blogger!

As I wade into these new waters, I'm abudantly aware that not so long ago I enjoyed living on the "crest" of the technology wave. However, I've been a little preoccupied for the past 4+ years--those who know me well know WHY I've been preoccupied (smile). So, please be patient with me as I learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of blogging!

Those "preoccupied" years have sort of sparked my interest in blogs and blogging, as it not only provides a great venue for dialogue with folks of assorted views and understandings, it also forces me to think outside of my current world and experience. And, for the Christian, that should naturally provide opportunities (necessity) to apply our Biblical worldview--that's why I've chosen to name my blog, "Practicing Theology". That, and the fact that God has providentially brought me countless opportunities to "practice" my own theology over the years.

So, welcome friends, family, saints and strangers. I hope you will join me in my desire to hold forth God's truth in the most Biblically accurate manner humanly possible! But for the Grace of God, Connie


sheshe said...

I am privileged to leave the first comment on your blog, Connie. Is "practicing" theology like "practicing" medicine? We hope that one day the doctors will finally get it right and I suppose that we can practice theology here on earth and finally get it right when we go home to be with the Lord.

I look forward to your insightful posts.


keepingthepace said...

YIPPY!! Let me be the second to post and say how excited I am that you have embarked on the world of blogging. It’s nice to place one more name to my list of bloggers that I know add sound wisdom and godly insight to a very broad arena of loose knowledge and theology, let alone practice to back up their opinions.
I look forward to reading your blog and seeing where this journey takes you. Your friend and sister in Christ, Terri

Don P said...

I applaud you for sharing your faith and your life with us too.

I was so excited and praised God for your story of being under the influence so heavily of Charismatic teaching and how God brought you out of it. I would love to hear more details as to how one so entrenched and seemingly brainwashed would change so radically to one who fully understands God's sovereignty in salvation, predestination and election which confuses so many today. What circumstances did God bring you through to make this change.
I hope many other women and men too will read and your life be used of God to help others shake free of this error, which their conscience may even be convicting then that there is something wrong with it.
Did you ever at the time, feel like you were just doing it, or faking it to be spiritual or fit in or were you really deceived and thought it was right?
In His Service,
Don P

Connie said...

don p: thanks for stopping by and your encouragement.

I do plan (hope) to share more details in the future, maybe this summer!

But, the quick answer is the Lord brought a non-charismatic into my life who introduced me to sound Bible teachers.

Yes, unfortunately there were many times I did 'fake' it or simply copy what was going on around me. Sometimes it was just to fit in and sometimes it was in hopes that it would 'trigger' the real thing. Oddly enought, I've been wanting to post about that to as I've seen/read/heard about this among some of today's 'reformed' charismatics. I want to say again, that I do believe there are true believers among them, but many are just going through the motions.