Sunday, January 28, 2007

Theology 101 - class syllabus, or "Why I'm doing this!"

If just one Xian woman "walks away" from my blog with a new understanding of just ONE theological term or idea, then I will be truly happy. But, if she returns for more she will benefit, as will her family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ!

I think one reason I so enjoy studying and discussing theology is that by it's very nature it is deeply interwoven, or multi-layered. By that I mean, when you consider one aspect it naturally points to and/or connects with other aspects. For instance, when I posted on God's Attributes my mind quickly went in several other directions, such as the nature of man, redemption of man, God's mercy, grace AND sovereignty, etc.

Then, last week when I posted on soteriology (and set a personal record for the longest post) my mind was racing ahead considering posts on justification and sanctification. And then, I began thinking about effectual calling, election, regeneration, repentance, and adoption!!! Will it ever end? Nope, and that's just fine with me cause it fits well with my desire to blog in the first place.

First and foremost, I want/need to continual sharpen my own mind and hone my communication skills as they relate to theology. Secondly, I deeply desire to see other Xian women become comfortable with and confident in their own theology--Biblical theology.

It's highly unlikely that I will have any new insights here--I rely heavily upon well-known, respectable theologians who have gone before us. What I do hope to offer is exposure to theological terms, definitions, authors, etc. that may be new to you or forgotten. In the process, I hope you will become better equipped to consider, embrace, discuss your own Biblical theology--for God's glory--and enjoy real Xian fellowship (koinonia) as you share with others!


Carla said...

Years ago on Christian discussion forums and chats, it was common that the only people to spell Christian, "Xtian" were the unsaved, and generally (although not always) highly antagonistic folks, trolling for a debate/argument. When asked why they spelled it that way what was given was usually a flippant answer about how they were "crossing out" Christ, generally said in a rebellious way towards Him.

I mention this because I notice you spell Christian this way, and I was wondering if you might be compelled to explain why you do this, since by your writing it's clear that you love Him and have no desire to give any other impression.

I've read many explainations of this over the years, but I'd like to hear your understanding of the spelling Xtian.


Connie said...

Carla: I'm glad you asked and am happy to answer! It has occured to me that I maybe should provide a legend of sorts on my blog detailing some of my shorthand and abbreviations! :-) I know I've wished for that while reading other blogs!!

I use "Xian" for Christian, "X" for Christ, and "Xmas" for Christmas ONLY as shorthand, and try to limit it to when I am fairly certain my audience is primarily believers.

As you probably know, "X" is the Greek letter Chi, which has historically been used to represent Christ. This can be seen in art and literature of the early church, and some of today's more traditional churches.

I also use the Greek letter Theta to represent God (it looks like a capital "O" with a wavy line horizontally through the middle) but it doesn't "translate" well via the English keyboard (I use it when handwriting notes during a sermon or personal study, etc.)

I picked this up while my husband was in seminary. I had the great blessing and opportunity to audit many of the classes he was taking, so as I worked to keep up in class I quickly adopted this shorthand used by other students and profs.

Isn't it funny that unbelievers claim they are "crossing out Christ" when they use this! If they only knew! Brings to my mind Romans 1:22, "Professing to be wise, they became fools."

Again, thanks for asking--and discerning!!