Friday, January 26, 2007

Other bloggers "Practicing Theology" (aka: blogspotting)

This is my first "blogspotting" post--what do ya think? :-)

Xian ladies who are practicing their theology:

Rebecca at Rebecca Writes offers this thought in her post on Thinking About Faith Alone and Christ Alone, "...sloppy language, repeated often enough becomes sloppy thinking, and sloppy thinking, over time, becomes the way we think things really are."

Here are some other Xian women who share my sentiments regarding Senator Hillary Clinton tossing her hat into the Presidential campaign, Carla Rolfe at Reflections of the Times,and Crystal at Biblical Womanhood.

Brothers in X who are practicing their theology:

Dan Phillips over at Pyromania posted THIS on "Misreading God". As usual, one of the Pyro guys posts thoughts I share in common, but can rarely put into words! Dan reminds us that we should not--cannot--trust our feelings or experiences to guide us. Our guide and rule must be the Bible.

Brian Thornton at Voice of the Sheep discusses examining ourselves in preparation for partaking in the Lord's Table.

Last, but certainly not least, Al Mohler shares Lessons Learned in a Crisis of Life following his recent time in ICU. This sort of thinking (and sharing) is so necessary to edify and build up other Xians--for His glory alone! Like so many others, I'm grateful that the Lord has ordained that Al Mohler will continue to serve and minister among us.

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