Friday, September 22, 2006

Q & A with R.C. Sproul

One thing about blogs & blogging that has "hooked" me is the opportunity to dialogue with Xians--some are like-minded, some are not. I am often forced to apply my handy-dandy "Xian worldview sifter" (aka - my Bible) and consider what I'm reading.

Another benefit of blogs is having easy access to what some well-known Xians are saying on various topics. I get countless opportunities to ponder the "where, why and how" of our agreements and differences. Somtimes I'm swayed in my thinking, sometimes I'm more firmly planted--it's very challenging and refreshing.

I'm very fond of R.C. Sproul--along with others, he has contributed to my clearer understanding in various areas. So, when I read this link of a recent interview with R.C. Sproul, I found myself swayed in some areas, and more firmly planted in others! I thought others might enjoy the read, too!

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