Monday, September 25, 2006

Prayer, do we rightly understand it?

I've already confessed that I enjoy reading other blogs of well-respected Xians--those I agree with and those I don't. So you won't be surprised that I'm going to link you to a recent post from one of my favorite blogs, Pyromaniacs (see "Favorites" sidebar).

In this particular post Dan Phillips (one of several Pyros) gives us a great deal to ponder about prayer. I'm grateful for his challenging post because for years I've been very uncomfortable with the cliches used by Xians about prayer, especially this one, "Prayer changes things".

Humor me for a moment,will you? If prayer literally "changes things" then wouldn't we be doing it a WHOLE LOT more praying than we do?. The fact is, prayer changes ME and puts ME in line with GOD's ordained plan, and most of us find that to be way too uncomfortable. Ouch!!!

On top of that, if prayer changes things then that means we, the created, have some sort of ability to change the mind and/or actions of God, the creator. With that sort of unbiblical thinking, we bring into question the very nature and character of God, is He immutable (unchangeable) or not?

Do you see how our unbiblical theology impacts EVERY area of our understanding? If I don't clearly understand and embrace God as He has revealed Himself in scripture, then my understanding of prayer, salvation, suffering, sanctification, etc. will be impacted as well. We do God great disservice and damage our sisters and brothers in Christ by proclaming things that scripture simply does not support.

So, please give Dan's post a good slow and thoughtful read. Then, share your thoughts and comments with me.


4given said...

I really liked Dan's post. I both left a comment there and linked to it within my blog.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

We are two of a kind, I think. Just from what I"ve read so far, it seems we have a lot in common and share the same passion for theology.

I, too, posted a link to Dan's message.