Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No delusions here...

For those who haven't noticed, I haven't posted on my blog for several weeks!! For those who have noticed--bless you! :-)

I have no great delusions that multitudes are regularly logging on with the sole purpose of reading MY blog!! Still, since I apparently do have a few friends who (you know who you are!!) enjoy reading the musings of others I thought I would let you know what has been churning in my little brain recently, and what I ultimately hope to expand upon when I sit down long enough to do it justice!

A few posts I hope to make in the near future:

1) Man's free will - not just semantics
2) Why do many people think we "can learn much from Charismatics"?
3) Do we really understand our hopeless spiritual condition apart from God?
4) God displays His sovereignty through infertility - a personal perspective
5) Reflections on adoption - human and spiritual
6) Painting on my eyebrows - gaining a Biblical perspective on aging

Maybe that will whet your appetite!


Caleb Kolstad said...

Andrea (Kolstad) doesn't even check out my two blogs:


Who knows maybe she will read yours since it sounds much more interesting. :) Good ideas here!

Caleb & Andrea Kolstad

Clarissa said...

You have definitely hooked me...I'll be checking back to read and discuss! :-)

Glad you're back!

4given said...

Okay so... start with 6 and then go to 5 and so on... 'kay!

I love your blog... miss worshiping with you in the same church... but, in light of eternity, this will be a blip and we will be worshipping God together FOREVER!!!!