Monday, December 27, 2010

What is YOUR 2011 Bible Reading Plan?

I like the Bible reading plan I've used for the past two years so much (see links below), that I've decided to do it again in 2011! What's your plan?

(12:36 p.m. - apparently the archived links to the reading plan are no longer working, I'm trying to locate active links and will post asap.)

2010 Bible Reading Plan

2009 Bible Reading Plan


Anonymous said...

This year we read through the Bible assisted by D.A.Carson's commentary. The books (he has 2 commentaries, each for a year) follow the M'Cheyne Daily Bible Reading schedule. We purchased the book, but the readings are also available online:

I do like your plan with the extra days in the mix. It did get a little crazy while we were stateside!

Looking forward to others'ideas.

Connie said...

ukrainiac - my husband has been a big fan of M'Cheyne's plan over the years! :-)

Becky, slave of Christ said...

I like this plan, Connie. I have printed it and am going to try it. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

I used this plan last year and loved the "built in" days and the freedom that came with that.

This year, Gary and I are committed to reading through the Bible together, chronologically. I'm excited to read through together and to hear my hubby's insights and to be able to ask him questions as they come up!