Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Bible Reading Plan

For 2009 I've selected a Bible reading plan that I've never used before, "The Discipleship Journal Reading Plan".

The plan is detailed HERE in a compact brochure format, and HERE and HERE in a series of very handy bookmarks.

One reason this plan appeals to me is it allows for 25 days of assigned reading each month--leaving the extra days for either 'catch up' or further study! Of course, I'm sure I'll need some catching up from time to time, but I'm most excited about the freedom to sort of take my time when/if needed for further study on any given day--sweet! :-)

(HT Justin Taylor - Between Two Worlds)


Kristine said...

Thank you! I'm still trying to find a reading plan that I can stick with this year!

Connie said...

Kristine, this morning as I wrapped up my reading for the day I was just so glad for the plan I've selected. It allows/encourages plenty of time for extra study and/or note taking, but doesn't 'demand' it when time is short!