Saturday, February 05, 2011

NANC certification: update on where I stand

I'm thrilled to be able to say that I recently finished the theology portion of my NANC certification exam! Other than some final review, it's ready to go. Next comes the counseling portion (part two of two) of the exam. It's been slow going for me--lots of 'life' happening in the midst of studying--but I have enjoyed it very much.

Below are the theology exam questions. Each question requires an essay answer of a page to a page and a half.

1. The Bible is spoken of as “inspired.” What does this mean? Completed
2. What is the relationship between infallibility and authority? Completed
3. What is the Bible’s authority on theological controversies? Completed
4. Compare and contrast the Bible and its authority to general revelation and its authority. Completed
5. Many Christians today speak of continuing revelation. Relate this concept to inspiration and sufficiency of the Scripture. Relate this concept to the issue of miracles, prophecy and tongues. Completed

Theology Proper
1. State briefly the biblical basis for, and formulate the doctrine of, the Trinity. Completed
2. List and develop five attributes of God and how they relate to the believer’s life and counseling. Completed
3. State briefly the biblical basis for, and formulate the doctrine of, God’s omniscience. Relate this doctrine to the teaching of “open theism.” Completed

1. Who and what is man? Completed
2. What role does anthropology play in counseling theory and practice? Completed

1. Why did Christ die? Completed
2. He was “tempted in all things as we are” (Heb. 4:15). Discuss and relate to counseling theory and practice. Completed

1. “Justification by faith alone.” Discuss the meaning of this phrase. Completed
2. Sanctification is said to be past, present, and future. Discuss, including the idea of “union with Christ.” Completed
3. Do Christians persevere? What relationship does this have to counseling? Completed

1. Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Completed
2. What role does this Spirit play in the believer’s life and the counseling process? Completed
3. Does the Holy Spirit guide Christians? If so, what means and methods does He use? Completed

1. What is the church? Completed
2. What role does the church play in the believer’s life and the counseling process? Completed
3. What is the biblical teaching on women being ordained as officers of the church? Completed
4. What authority, if any, does the church have over individuals and the counseling process? Completed

General Questions
1. Are you involved in a larger group, organization, or denomination, which disagrees with NANC’s Statement of Faith? If so, how do you differ from your larger group? Explain what you are doing to influence your group towards NANC’s position. Completed
2. If received as a NANC member, can you unequivocally sign the membership covenant? Completed


Living on Less Money said...

I'm so proud of you Connie! You go girl! :-)

I'm getting close to finishing the Theology Exam. I'm on the last question for Pneumatology. We've moved and haven't plugged into a new church so I figure I have some time to finish the counseling exams since my new church will need time to get to know me before they can vouch for me! :-)

I wondered what resources you used for the theology exam and which ones you'll use for the counseling exam?


sewa mobil said...

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Special K said...

I'm working on my NANC Theology Exam right now, have a few of Counseling Exam questions done as well. I'm like you going slow on this whole process. I started the NANC process over almost 2 years ago. Glad to find your blog