Monday, July 07, 2008

MORE 'Mowing Meditations'

As I've mentioned before, I have LOTS of time to think and meditate while I mow. I can't honestly say that all of my thoughts are profitable, but the 'mindless' work of mowing is a welcomed break for me so I can sort of 'kick around' things I've read, heard, or been trying to sort out! Here's what was rattling around in my head today:

1) more thinking on THE POST I made earlier this morning regarding 'continuing revelation'

2) yet more thinking on the concept of classical conditioning in the life of a Xian, more specifically as it related/relates to me during my years in the charismatic movement. Some of you may be wondering, 'Did the sun fry her brain while she was mowing?', but I find this topic very interesting and very pertinent to the various 'experiences' claimed and promoted within the church even today. (Can you tell that I was a psychology major at one time?)

3) hoping it doesn't rain Thursday evening cause that's the next FREE "Mid Life Crisis Band" concert and they've promised to perform "Back in the USSR" for our girls--Olga and Nina!

4) so thankful and excited that I get to sit and visit with two college friends tomorrow afternoon!

5) wondering what the MPG is on this 'self-propelled' lawn mower, and if it truly is 'self-propelled' is it really necessary for me to be here? :-)

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