Friday, June 20, 2008

Mowing Meditations

I enjoy mowing our quite large lawn--really, I do! I don't mind the sweating, I don't mind getting all dirty, and I don't mind the 'peace and quiet' alone with my thoughts. As a matter of fact, when I mow I actually 'write' my BEST blog posts--too bad they don't actually materialize in cyberspace as I imagine. :-) Still, I get a lot of thinking done while I mow and have actually solved a multitude of the world's problems while mowing. :-)

Here are some thoughts--fragmented as they may be--from today's "Mowing Meditations":

1) Inter-racial and inter-cultural adoption should be a 'no-brainer', but as long as we live in this fallen world there will be many fears and endless questions.

2) I really should follow through with my plan & desire to blog on the topic of "...people think 'we can learn much from charismatics' "

3) Am I seizing every opportunity to point our youngest daughter to the gospel?

4) Is our lawnmower going to last through this season? (it's well over 10 years old)

5) Would I welcome or loathe a riding lawn mower? (mixed emotions on that one!)

6) Will I ever complete my NANC exams? (still picking away on those!)

7) What is it like to be a grandmother/Nana? :-) (I'm really in no hurry, but so many of our friends make it look & sound like lots of fun!)

8) Ahhh, there's my daughter bringing me a nice cold cup of water!!! (They take turns doing this--it's part of their training!)

9) What must I do to 'light a fire' under my reluctant reader & reluctant student?

10) I sure can't wait till this evening when we'll gather together for "Family Movie Night" and watch National Treasure 2--I've heard it's good!


matt said...


Hi! I just found your blog and have already enjoyed reading quite a bit of it. I can connect with what you're writing on several levels as I also have a love for theology (I found your blog by way of DJP) and my wife and I have also adopted. I'd love for you to expand on your first "mowing meditation". My wife and I are currently pursuing adoption again and this time the baby (or babies) are quite probably going to be of a different ethnicity than my wife and I (and our adopted daughter). Tell me why you think "inter-racial" adoption is a "no-brainer". I happen to agree.... but I'm finding my wife and I are in a somewhat small percentile of people who believe the same.

Connie said...

matt: I'm so VERY sorry for not following up on your comment! I have no other excuse than I/we have been extremely busy with travel, school (we home school year-round), church, family, holidays, etc.!!!

I do hope (intend) to respond, but it most likely will be in the form of a specific post. Thanks for your patience!