Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why, thank you!

Yesterday, Kim at Hiraeth graciously awarded me the "Mathetes Award" --believe it or not, my VERY rusty Greek served me well enough to recognize that mathetes is a Greek word! (blush...)

According to the creator of the award, the "Mathetes Award - Excellence in Discipleship" is given to those who
"...have a similar heart to share God's Word, and further His Kingdom. The role of a disciple of Christ is to carry His message to the ends of the earth. It is with this heart that I have created the Mathetes Award...Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple, and the role of the disciple (per the Great Commission) it to make more disciples."
I'm pressed for time right now, but I'm pondering who I would like to pass this award on to--stay tuned! :-)

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