Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Adoption and the Gospel ~ Transracial Adoptions

UPDATE (10/11/07): It just occurred to me that my second paragraph may make it sound like we've completely missed or ignored the message that J.B. Watkins is making--supporting and facilitating "life/cultural" opportunities and experiences for our adopted children. Nothing could be further from the truth! The fact is, we "eat, sleep, walk, and talk " Russia every day with our girls, and have since the very beginning. Just wanted to make that matter a bit clearer! Carry on... :-)

How does/should the gospel impact our view, actions, and response to adoption? Dan Cruver has posted an interview with J.B. Watkins addressing this issue focusing on transracial adoptions.

In our own church (small congregation of about 120) adoption has become a very vital part of the gospel, with a total of seventeen children adopted domestically, internationally, cross-culturally, and interracially--by only seven families in the past eight years--to God be the glory!

In our own experience, adopting cross-culturally (Russia) had/has many challenges but over time the visible differences (language, culture, habits, preferences) tend to fade or disappear. Not so with transracial adoptions--how should the Church respond AND support these families as they live out and share the gospel before the world?

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