Thursday, October 11, 2007

2007 NANC Conference ~ a brief overview (finally!)

As I mentioned earlier, we attended the 2007 Annual NANC Conference recently. This was our second NANC conference to attend and it was time well spent!

The general session speakers and their topics were:

Jay Adams - "What is the Christian Life?"
Mark Dever - "Loving Christ Above All Else"
Randy Patten - "What is True Biblical Change?"
Paul Tripp - "The Gospel for Believers"
Steve Viars - "Reaching for the Heart in Counseling"
David Powlison - "Where Do We Go From Here?"

In addition to enjoying and learning much from the general session speakers, we also had the pleasure of selecting five different workshops from a list of well over 50 possible workshops! So, to maximize my/our benefits I tried to select workshops that no one else from our church (eight of us) planned to attend. Here are the workshops I attended:

Martha Peace - "Counseling Tips: Getting to the Heart of the Matter in a Timely Way"
Bill Moore - "Identifying the Counselee's Problem from a Biblical Perspective"
Dr. Robert Jones - "Making Our Counseling More Christ-Centered"
Ron Allchin - "Counseling Teens From Proverbs"
Dr. Laura Hendrickson - "The Autism Spectrum"

If you aren't familiar with some or any of these people, I highly recommend you follow the links provided and get to know them!

I hope to elaborate on some of the general sessions and workshops, but to be honest, I don't know when!! I have set a "loose" goal of earning my NANC certification this coming year, so that will occupy much of my "blogging time"!!


DJP said...


But I thought Powlison wasn't nouthetic.


Connie said...

Hmmmmm, I read an interview somewhere recently where he didn't sound particularly/specifically "nouthetic" but certainly was supportive/compatible. Tell me more, please! :-)

Anonymous said...

Powlison is one of the very first nouthetic counselors. He's been with the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation in suburban Philadelphia since the beginning of the nouthetic movement. He speaks regularly at the NANC annual conference. He was on the NANC board of directors until ill health required that he step down. I'm sure he's a NANC fellow, as well.