Saturday, October 06, 2007

Why the sad face?

Find out HERE what brought about this distressed look on my face earlier this evening!


Kim said...

I know that face, Connie!

Virginia has only had her license for a short while, and one night, she took her two brothers out for a drive. I was nervous until they got home.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I can so relate to your feelings. My oldest still has her permit but should be able to get the next one in December. Merry Christmas to me? LOL When she drives off for that first time without a parent I will be thinking of you. :-)
Kimberly B.

Connie said...

kim: I'm really working to keep my mind and attitude in check, but I've got to admit that I am much relieved when she arrives safely back home!

anonymous: It gets WORSE--last night she drove ALONE to a baby-sitting job!!! :-) Arent' you glad that Christmas wasn't in July this year???? Ha!!

Anonymous said...

NO! Not alone! She drove alone! I have to look forward to that too? Ugh! Seriously though, thank God we know she really wasn't driving alone. :-) ~Kim B.