Friday, June 22, 2007

Money for Nothing...

Have you ever run across one of those fake $20 bills that turns out to be a gospel tract? What was your response when you realized that the $20 bill was NOT what you thought it was--not what it was represented to be?

Have you considered what sort of Jesus you believe in? And, have you considered what sort of Jesus you "share" with others? Are you "representing" Him to be who He really is?

I live in a region of the country that is closely associated with "religion". It is often referred to as "the buckle of the Bible-belt", and the "mecca of charismatic theology". While some may think this is complementary--and maybe it was early on--it has fostered a community/culture of watered-down gospel, poor theology, and myriad false professions.

Frank over at TeamPyro has posted a clever and "spot-on" analogy that I think you will enjoy. Check it out here, Pyromaniacs: I want you to want me.

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