Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Practicing Theology - I am my beloved's...

A week or so ago Kim, Carla, Lisa, and Jen all posted thoughts/praise for the husband God has blessed each of them with. So, I decided at that time that I'd follow their examples and post a tribute to my dear husband on Valentine's Day! While this post is not focused on a particular point of theology, I do wish to "practice my theology" by publicly thanking God for His amazing grace and mercy in giving me my precious husband!

Twenty four years ago this Valentine's Day my DH gave me a beautiful gold necklace with a floating gold heart. We were both in college, had little money to spare, and had just recently confided that there was "something" special about each other (we had become best friends during the previous months). I was so concerned that he would spend his limited funds in such a way on me--little did I know at that time that I would benefit from this sort of self-sacrifice over and over in the years to come.

God truly blessed me beyond my desires and dreams with a husband who:

- is always concerned for my spiritual condition and maturity.

- still holds my hand as we walk along or sit together.

- doesn't mind explaining some point of theology or portion of Scripture as many times as I need him to do so!

- goes with me to fabric stores without complaining (whoa!!), even on vacations!!!

- often wakes me up with a back rub/scratch--ahhhhhhh.

- understands and supplies my DARK chocolate "addiction"!

- has never stopped telling me that he thinks I'm pretty.

- writes poetry for me.

- wrote a song for me and surprised me with it during our wedding ceremony.

- gives me the sweetest cards that make me cry.

- still buys flowers for me.

- asks me to dance.

- sparked my affection for spending hours in a bookstore.

- enjoys hiking and/or camping together.

- provides an excellent example to our daughters of what their husbands should be.

- fixes things around the house rather than pay someone else.

- gives me the morning off Saturdays and Sundays and prepares a delicious breakfast for our family.

- encouraged me to take in an orphaned kitten after years of forbidding indoor pets (farm boys are like that sometimes!).

- encouraged me to take in ANOTHER orphaned kitten a year later!

- enjoys teaching our home schooled daughters various subjects.

- has been my GREATEST fan and encourager during the "new mom" phase of my life!

- works hard to provide for his family, and honors God with his work ethic.

- is not ashamed or too proud to bring his praises and requests to God.

Yet again I find myself overwhelmed by and undeserving of the rich blessings God has poured out.


4given said...

THank you for joining in this... it blessed me as much to write about my husband as it did to read what you and the other women wrote about theirs.

Kim said...

Well, I have to say that accompanying you to a fabric store is pretty thoughtful!

Connie said...

Kim and Lisa: thanks for the example you have set in doing this!

Clarissa said...

Wonderful! Wonderful!
I so enjoyed reading that. It is so refreshing to read of another woman's devotion and love for her beloved. I feel that way about my husband too--he is my very best friend. I often tell him that next to Jesus he is the best thing that ever happened to me!
Thanks for sharing!

jen elslager said...

I'm clueless as to how I missed this till now! So many wonderful blogs, so little time...

I love this post. Your hubby sounds like such a sweet, special guy -- almost as nice as mine! LOL

I can't believe I forgot to mention on mine that Denny still holds my hand, too.