Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Me Church

Please check out what Dan Phillips at "Biblical Christianity" has posted for today.

If this doesn't cause us to stop and think--and REPENT--I don't know what will!

I pray this warning will become embedded in my HEART, as well as my mind.


Clarissa said...

Here is a link to a segment that Craig Groeshel (sp?) from Life did during his sermon series titled, Disciple. This should take you to the menu for that series. Click the 2nd week--Gone/Going Fishing. You need only watch the first 5 minutes. It is similar to the video Dan posted and it left me shaking my head in agreement and also doing a little introspection to see in what areas I might be looking for Lite Church myself. Ouch!

4given said...


Connie said...

Clarissa: I did watch long enough to see the "spoof" they included!

I tried to watch more of the video but lost my internet connection about 15 min. into it--still trying to learn more about the teacher/preacher and church(s) he has founded.

I did take note that he referenced Rob Bell early in his message--a clear "red flag" to me as Rob Bell is considered to be a leader in the Emerging/Emergent Church movement.

Connie said...

Lisa: You said it sister!!! :-)

There are just so many ways this alarms me personally and has caused me to reconsider my thoughts and actions!! Woe is me...