Friday, February 02, 2007

Updates to my personal blogroll

I want to bring to your attention a couple of blogs that I've added to my blog roll, as well as the changes I've made to the headings. I have changed the headings from "I enjoy reading the blogs of these women", to "These Women Challenge My Thinking", and "Blogs that challenge my thinking", to "Other Blogs That Challenge My Thinking".

The main reason I have two categories in my blog roll is to encourage women to check-out what other women are saying/writing as it pertains to their own walk w/ X (Christ), and how they are "Practicing Theology". I'm NOT trying to be "sexist" in any way--just highlighting what my focus is here.

FYI - I purposefully do not offer/maintain a huge blog roll, primarily because I don't want the responsibility of "policeing" a huge list of blogs (I am part of two aggregators, so those blog links are provided/maintained by those groups--not me). What links I do offer, I read on a regular basis and monitor via Bloglines (thanks again Carla!). That's NOT to say I agree/endorse them 100%--you need to be discerning, too! BTW, one good indicator of a blogger's theology is what he says/writes in the comments of other blogs, so watch for 'em. :-)

Here are the blogs I've added:

"These Women Challenge My Thinking"

Kim @ Hiraeth - I have dropped in on Kim's blog a bit during the short time I've been blogging, but decided to "stay a while" when she posted Reading as a Christian Discipline. Kim also has a blog, Hiraeth-Warehouse where she discusses books she's reading and Bible Studies she's doing--this is why I'm now reading "Evangelism & The Sovereignty of God" by J.I. Packer. It's a book that has been "on my radar screen" for years, but always got pushed back by other books! Thanks Kim!!

"Other Blogs That Challenge My Thinking"

Biblical Christianity is Dan Phillips' personal blog--he's one of the three "Pyros" at Pyromaniacs. I found Dan's blog via Pyromaniacs and am often challenged in my walk and my thinking by what he posts on either/both blogs--he writes from a pastor's heart (Richard Baxter would be proud!) .

Finally, I'm actually thinking of adding a couple of new categories/sidebars, "Warning: Emerging/Emergent Church", and "Cessation & Continuation". But, I still need to give it more thought.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

Thank you for the link! I am honored!

And you remind me that I really need to update my sidebar links. . .

Kim from Hiraeth said...

OH! I forgot to tell you that I am delighted that you are reading Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God!

It's on my short list of books every Christian should read!

Connie said...

Kim: My pleasure--glad to point other Xian women to good reading/thinking!

Hmmmmm, have you ever posted your "short list"--or even your "long" list???? :-) I'd be interested.

Kim said...

Oh, yes, you must have Kim on your blogroll. She is a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those links, Connie. Some I currently read, but some are new. I've found it a bit difficult to find women who embrace refomed theology, so it's good to have as many sources as possible!