Wednesday, April 04, 1990

Infertility ~ My poems: April 4, 1990

This happens to be my favorite "infertility" poem that I wrote--I can still remember sitting at my desk at work (Dallas Theological Seminary) and typing this out. It is my first clear memory of applying my understanding that God was sovereign and I was totally dependent upon His mercy and grace--even in the area basic biology. The foot note of this poem says, "Day 20 of yet another cycle"

Rain down your love on me precious Lord,
remind me that your love will sustain me.

Rain down your grace on me precious Lord,
show me that you and you alone are sufficient.

Rain down your joy on me precious Lord,
help me rejoice with others even in my sorrow.

Rain down your peace on me precious Lord,
keep me ever-mindful of your sovereign will.

Rain down your power on me precious Lord,
let me be strong for those in pain.

Rain down your guidance on me precious Lord,
make me realize you are in control--not I.

Rain down your faithfulness on me precious Lord,
cause me to find comfort in who you are.

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