Wednesday, April 25, 1990

Infertility ~ My Poems: April 25, 1990

The footnote on this poem says, "Day 14 of cycle, 6 days after second lap (laporoscopy)".

Don't take away what is left of my identity,
I long for a baby, the chance to prove I am truly a woman.
Don't deny me the greatest gift of all.
I yearn to love and care for my own...

This one was written the same day, but the footnote reads "Day 14 of a hopeless cycle..."

How much more can I take?
My smile and cheer is only fake.

How long must I wait?
I'll soon find it's too late.

How much will I endure?
We're not likely to find a cure.

How much more pain?
I have nothing else to gain.

How many more tears?
I've conquered all the fears.

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