Thursday, February 01, 1990

Infertility ~ My poems: February 1990


Cursed with the desire to be a woman
in all its beauty and pain.

Cursed with the desire to be a mother
in all its joy and sorrow.

Cursed with the desire to be what God wants
in all its fulfillment and denial.

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Marcian said...

I could easily insert my own desire to be married in this poem here. How many times have I asked God to just be kind, merciful, and just take away the desire from me. It isn't as if I am not already so blessed with a fantastic job, friendships, opportunities galore. I'm going places. I have it all, right? Why such dissatisfaction???

But I know that joy comes in the morning, and that He has been so faithful to use me in the past for others' benefit. He will continue to do so whether it is raising children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, or guiding others who were not raised so.

It only urges me to pray, because that's really all I have the power to do.