Thursday, November 09, 1989

Infertility ~ My poems: November 1989

Here are two poems I wrote on November 9, 1989. My footnote at the bottom of one says this, "at the beginning of, yet another month's cycle."

Echoes from those who have traveled this path before me,
Some recent, some long ago, yet fresh in my mind.

Searching for answers, asking God, "why?"
Reaching out for His touch, retreating with nothing.

Avoiding the pain, covering the scars.
Moving on, slowly, wounded, dying inside.

Wishing for resolve, some way to end the pain.
Finding no relief, no cure, no hope.

Travel on, travel on, broken beyond repair.
Smile, persevere, clinging only to a thread.

* * * * * * * *

I'm living a lie!
I hurt, wretched with pain.

I cry, sob uncontrollably.
Scream from deep within.

But no one need know.
No one likes a failure.

Put on a face, put on a show.
That's what the people want.

Suppress the urge to weep.
Avoid the painful.

Smile, cheer others.
While I die inside.

Ignore your intellect.
Trust only your emotions.

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