Friday, December 05, 2008

"Xmas" should NOT offend Xians!

A year or so ago I was sort of 'called on the carpet' on a Xian home school mom's e-group because I often us "X" in the place of Christ (i.e. Xmas=Christmas, Xian=Christian, X=Christ). I had actually used it in the context of Christian leader, and wrote "Xian leader" when one woman kindly asked me to explain my usage of 'X', while other women commented how 'sad' it was to use "X" in place of Christ, how it spoke of laziness, or being too busy to write it out, etc. Whoa!!!

This morning I found it VERY encouraging to read a post by R.C. Sproul on the very same topic. And, I was thrilled that much of his response included the same elements as my response several years ago!

I'm tempted to say something like, 'great minds think alike', but I don't want to insult Dr. Sproul! :-)

If you're interested, here's my response from several years ago:

Greetings all!

...I do apologize for any offense my use of "X" (Chi) may have caused, I assure you no offense was intended! Rest assured that when I see, read, or think "Xmas", I hear and say "Christmas", NOT "x"mas. Likewise, when I see, read, or think "Xian", I hear and say "Christian", NOT "x"ian. It is merely a form of shorthand I picked up from my husband during his years in college and seminary. We both use some form of this shorthand daily in personal study, note taking, and correspondence—and have passed this practice on to our daughters—so it is literally second-nature to us. Just for the record, I do consider my audience and strive to write out "Christ"when I'm communicating with non-Xians (I'm fairly sure they wouldn't be familiar with Greek or any uniquely Xian practices, etc.).

"X" (Chi) is not the only shorthand I often use. If you were to take a look at my notes, you'd see another Greek letter, Theta. Theta represents "God". If you're not familiar with the Greek alphabet,Theta looks like the capital letter "O" with a short wavy line floating horizontally in the middle. Some typeset shows it as a straight horizontal line connecting through the middle of the "O". I don't use the Theta in cyberspace cause it often gets lost (literally) since it is not a letter common to English. I'm sure there are ways to get it to work, but I haven't put any energy into it cause it's not that big of a deal to me. Besides, it has been a big enough challenge to get the Russian alphabet to work in cyberspace for our girls!!

I'm glad this question was asked so I could clear up some misconceptions. But please, before anyone writes me (or others) off as lazy or too busy, please know that when I write "X", "Xian", or "Xmas", it frequently reminds me of our rich heritage going back to our N.T. roots and the uniquely precise language that God providentially used to communicate His message of salvation. Sometimes, seeing the "X" actually brings to my mind the cross on which our Saviour suffered and died. I think you'll agree, that doesn't sound like a sister-in-X who is trying to "cross out Christ",does it? Blessings to all of my curious Sisters-in-X. ---Connie D. :-)

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Stupid Sheep said...

Yeah that's what i say and i'm told "Xmas" is encouraged by atheists who want to take Christ out of Christmas and we just fall for the use of it because it's all around us >.<