Friday, November 07, 2008

Give Thanks ~ November 7

I'm thankful for "family movie night" tonight!

This is a tradition we started very shortly after bringing our girls home from Russia back in Oct. 2002--only the movies were MUCH different then due to the language barrier! :-)

We try to do this every Friday night--select a 'family approved" movie, pop popcorn, snuggle in, and enjoy some much-needed 'down time' together.

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Gayla said...

Boy do I remember having movie night, too, when mine was young - young enough to snuggle up with mom on the couch under a 'blankie.' We did pizza and a movie most every Friday.

He's 19 now, and we don't do that much anymore, but anytime he's willing to watch a movie with me, I drop everything I'm doing to accomodate, just so I can spend a little time with my boy!