Friday, November 07, 2008

FREE book!

I'm pretty sure my title got the attention of at least a couple of my regular readers--you know who you are! :-)

Anyway, there's a FREE book offer out there in blogdom that I can't take advantage of cause I'm a long-time subscriber/supporter (plus, I already HAVE the book). But YOU just might qualify for a FREE copy.

The book is "Chosen by God", by R.C. Sproul. Ligonier Ministries is offering a FREE copy of the book to "first-time ministry contacts" who sign their online guest book. Let me also add that this book has been a long-time companion/resource for me for many years--predestination is a much misunderstood (and maligned) facet of our salvation.

Use THIS LINK to go sign in and qualify for your FREE copy. Did I mention it is FREE? :-) What are you waiting for?


Gayla said...

I saw this too and signed up for it on Oct 25. Haven't received it yet, but am beginning to wonder how long it will take! I've actually already read it. Have you?

It's a very good read, and it helped to solidify much of my thought.

Ligonier Ministries said...

Hi Gayla,

We've had quite a positive response to this offer. We'll get to yours soon. Thanks for your patience and for responding.

Yours in Christ,
Ligonier Ministries

Gayla said...

Oh wow! Thank you for the reply.

Connie said...

Whoa, nothing 'gets by' Ligonier Ministries! Thanks for commenting on my 'little o' blog with a follow-up for Gayla! :-)