Wednesday, September 03, 2008

To What End? ~ light a candle at the altar

Returning to Rome? I found the following information on Irving Bible Church's website and couldn't help but wonder how this is supposed to be of any value to our growth in Christ-likeness:

What happens at the altar? Before and after the message we generally worship through music. During this time a few people choose to come to the front of our platform and either pray, light a candle or simply be still before God. This is something individuals choose to do and not something we make a big production out of. Basically, if you want to come and kneel at the front then feel free, but if you have a better experience in your seat then stay put.

What are the candles all about? We have candles available at the front that people are welcome to come and light. White candles signify that God is currently doing something special in your life. Red candles signify that you know of someone who has come to faith this week. Basically, the visual display of the lit candles reminds everyone in the congregation that God is at work in our midst.

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