Friday, May 16, 2008

Wherein I sound the charismatic 'alarm' AGAIN

Dan Phillips over at Pyromaniacs has once again written several clear, Biblically sound, compassionate (and passionate) posts--What I think about "the Florida revival", and Know how to think, and the what takes care of itself --regarding how we should view and evaluate the on-going behavior and practices within the charismatic church today.

I imagine there are those who will charge me with being 'overly concerned' about the charismatic movement and think I should 'get over it', and there are those who dismiss my concerns merely as the reaction of someone who was possibly 'hurt/wounded' by my past charismatic experience. If only they knew that all that remains of any past 'hurt/wound' from my charismatic experience is the pain of seeing and hearing how our holy God continues to be misrepresented and 'manipulated' by people crafting a God of their own appetite(s). If only they had seen the disillusioned masses filtering in and out of the charismatic church(es)--seeking hope and help, only to 'receive' some thing other than the holy, loving, sovereign God.

I cannot stress enough how subtle and damaging to the spiritual health and maturity of brothers and sisters-in-Christ the charismatic movement has been and continues to be, not to even mention how the movement continues to drag the very character of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through the mud every time one of their 'prophesies' turns out to be bogus, or at best impotent.

The over-emphasis on pursuing feelings and unique experiences above Biblically-based sound-minded living has created a culture in the church of discontent, elitism, sensationalism, and dependence upon externals. I've taken note recently how more and more charismatics (most notably those calling themselves 'reformed' charismatics) who find themselves separated from opportunities to pursue and continue their pursuit of certain feelings and unique experiences, have confessed to being unwilling/discontent to yield those facets of their theology and practice even though sound Biblical teaching and preaching is readily available.

So, yes, I'll continue to sound the charismatic 'alarm' as long as I see evidence of the growing emphasis on pursuing/anticipating feelings, and pursuing/esteeming unique experiences characterized by the movement.


Elle said...

It is a necessary alarm to sound--not for the sake of tearing down others (which I see is not your intent). But as you have written, the alarm must ring for the sake of encouraging all brothers and sisters in Christ to pursue sound doctrine and practice. Thanks.

DJP said...

I remember how shocked I was when I first heard about the Roman Catholic scapular. (If you don't know about it, Google it, see what's written on it.)

I was slackjawed when I heard about it, didn't believe it, had to find out for myself — and sure enough, it was true.

So I went and shared it in a group with a bunch of Roman Catholics. SURELY they couldn't know about this. SURELY any soul with the slightest grain of the Gospel would recoil in horror....

But no. Every last one defended it, embraced it, reviled me for my ignorance. Man, what an eye-opener that was about Roman Catholics.

I think similarly, when I see that Charismatics can look at footage like that stuff from Florida and not bat an eyelash.

Tells you a lot about the state Charismaticism has got to. Raise the alarm, and YOU'RE the bad guy.

Sad, vexing, concerning.

Shawn Abigail said...

Thank you. This will not make you popular, but it is needed.

Connie said...

Thanks all for taking time to comment and for your encouragment--I so very much hope to see my charismatic friends step back and consider what they either have embraced or are considering embracing--'quick & easy' substitute(s) for a deep, abiding, and intimate knowledge and communion with our Holy God.

Connie said...

djp: I did google the RC scapular--unbelieveable, seriously unbelievable!

Dana said...

Hi Connie, I so agree with you. I live about 35 minutes from Lakeland so this is the talk all over! In my home school group I hear people chatter, "I went to the revival last night..." And they all think it is a wonderful thing! Sometimes I wonder if it is said for my benefit, still it makes me cringe.

I had a good friend who no longer talks to me because I "sounded the alarm" to her antics of embracing the movement. I tried to show her Biblically- tried to have her listen to godly men like MacArthur. It bucked all she knew in life and she just could not imagine it was all wrong. I know she has been going to the revival and it really is heartbreaking.

My husband and I watched the revival on God TV and some You Tube clips, it just makes me sad that so many are deceived. It seem so obvious to me. I was raised Assembly of God so when I first began to see the error in it - yes it was hard. But w/ that came freedom as well - I just had to trust the Lord for the truth and not my emotions or what I felt I wanted. So, I am a "former charasmatic" too.

Well, maybe instead of the Home School conference this coming weekend, I should go check it out! (I know, a bad joke!)