Friday, May 16, 2008

Something Completely Different - oldies but goodies

Just when you thought there was nothing to me except my 'serious' side...

I enjoyed a beautiful spring evening outdoors with my best friend (hubby) and two teen daughters listening to and dancing (don't tell my SBC friends, cause I'm sure my name's still on the roll somewhere) to the music of the Mid Life Crisis Band.

We discovered this local band several years ago at a conservation fundraiser--we have lots of wide-open spaces here in Oklahoma to preserve--and have been fans ever since. Fortunately, they give quite a few FREE concerts at local shopping centers throughout the summer, so we'll get to do this several more times in the coming months.

It's really neat to see our girls joining us in singing along to lots of the 'oldies' and even trying to dance 'rock and roll' style--they've even expressed their surprise at how mom and dad can 'still' dance!! Gee, thanks--I think! :-)

So you see, there is a 'fun' side to me!


Megan said...


Please let me know when the next concert is. I'd love to come watch the show...and I wouldn't mind listening to the music ;-)


Connie said...

megan: What!? No dancing? :-)

They'll be at the Shops at Seville (101st & Yale) May 22, then Utica Square May 29. See ya there!! :-) We plan to be there, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

How fun! I will have to go see what their schedule is for June. I think my family would really enjoy this. Thanks for sharing about it. ~Kim B.