Thursday, April 24, 2008

View rare books (page by page) via DTS website

This is just cool!! My husband's alma mater, DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary), has made some rare books available via their website. Check it out here,

What REALLY is the coolest is the fact that you can visually 'thumb through' old books--like one by Richard Baxter (author of the Puritan Pastor, one of my husband's favorites)!!! I love old books--even better if they are books on theology!

I emailed this link to my husband, and now realize that may have been a mistake--he may never come out of his study now! Ha! :-)


Shawn Abigail said...

Yes, very cool.

On a related topic, where is the best place to buy a copy of "The Saints Everlasting Rest"? I've been enjoying it online and on my Palm, but I'd like to sit down with the actual book.

Connie said...

Shawn: Grace and Truth Books ( carries it for $22.50. This book business is owned and operated by our pastor & family--they carry LOTS of Puritan titles--and our oldest daughter works there!