Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank you, but you're too kind...

Thank you Terri and Lisa for a most unexpected, and I may I say very lofty award! :-) I want you to know that I gain much encouragment and insight from reading your blogs--nice to be growing in grace alongside you both!

Here's how this award works, “By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people who’s blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. Thank you out there for having such great blogs and being such greatfriends! You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded…”

I'll start my list of 10 with Kim @ Upward Call, Carla @ Reflections of Time,


Kim said...

I think this whole Excellent Blog award is going to end up a mutual appreciation exercise, because if I had to name ten excellent blogs, I'd start with you and Carla :-)

Connie said...

kim: LOL! Right before I logged on I was thinking of the other Xian blogging ladies I'd add to my list of ten and suspected that many, if not most, had already been awarded!

I'm so thankful that the world of blogging has opened up my world to other Xian women who desire to wrestle with (and enjoy doing so) challenging matters Biblically!

Carla said...

I saw this but the way it was formatted (or at least the way it shows up on my screen) it looks like you were still in draft mode with it. I opted not to reply in case you'd made a mistake by adding my blog there.

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, and for this award.

Connie said...

carla: Thanks for reminding me!!! I was in 'draft' mode but totally intended for your name/blog to be there!

Feel free to proceed, even though I can't seem to finish what I start lately!! Argh! :-)