Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Playing the "Hormone" Card...

(photo found at: rockymountainnews.com)

...is definitely something uncommon in a Presidential campaign.

I am not concerned with what motivated Hillary's tear(s) yesterday--I'm not in a position to judge that. And I'm not so much concerned that the tear(s) was shed while on the campaign trail, in front of countless reporters and cameras. My concern IS the response of the voters there in the cafe with Hillary, and those who have subsequently read/seen/heard the report of Hillary's tear(s).

I was shocked that according to the national news report I watched last night--when I first heard of the "Hillary moment"--a number of women who were at the cafe during Hillary's visit later said they were 'swayed to vote for Hillary' and not Obama because of Hillary's tear(s).

Call me calloused, call me insensitive, call me 'ice woman', call me the 'only living heart donor', but a tear (or tears) do not (should not) and will not sway my vote! There's a whole lot more at stake here than an emotional 'moment'.

Sadly, this apparent ease of being 'swayed' reminds me of the 1992 Presidential campaign when women were unashamedly saying they were voting for Bill Clinton because he was "handsome, good looking, hot, etc."!!!

Is it just me, or are we finally seeing rock-solid evidence of how VERY shallow our nation has become? God help us, please.


Elle said...

My emotional response, "No way, no how." My brain's response, "No way, no how." It's great when the two line up. But when it comes to putting a person in office, it had better be my brain, informed by God's Word, that has the last word. My emotions will change in the morning. Good post.

jen elslager said...

I'm with you on this one. It's pathetic to see the lack of seriousness regarding the issues when it comes to picking a candidate.

Two more thoughts:

I never understood the attraction to Clinton. (?!)

I wonder if Edwards cries when he's having a bad hair day.

ellen b. said...

To help your hormones I have the recipe for vareniky posted!

Terri said...

"Call me calloused, call me insensitive, call me 'ice woman', call me the 'only living heart donor'"
Okay, so after I call you all those things, can I tell you how much I totally agree with your shock over how shallow and emotion driven our nation has become?
I heared Hillary say in a recent interview "she had found her inner voice" What in the world could that sound like???

Connie said...

terri: NEVER, EVER, leave such an 'inviting' question like that on my blog--it's just too tempting for me! :-)

So, here's what I think the "voice" might be saying, "HELP ME! Let me out of here..." :-)