Monday, January 07, 2008

January 7 ~ Christmas in Russia

Today, January 7, is the day Russians celebrate Christmas. Our daughters clearly remember how it was (is) a much smaller less significant holiday than New Years--not too surprising after 70+ years of oppression and persecution.

Somewhere in Russia, an orphan child either has received or will receive gifts with a message attached that is written in Russian rather than English (like the majority of the other gifts)--from two former orphans named Olga and Nina.

Unfortunately, our girls were not in an orphanage that benefited from this ministry while they lived in Russia--the orphan population is staggering--but by God's grace more and more orphanages and orphans are being reached through this annual program!

Our church has participated in the Immanuel's Child program for the past three years, and this year our very own Olga coordinated and completed the effort. If you're unfamiliar with the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) I urge you to get acquainted and consider participating in next year's "Immanuel's Child" program-- it kicks off in October and costs only $25 to provide a Children's Bible in Russian, various toiletries, toys, healthy snacks, and fruit (stuff ALL kids need and like!).


ellen b. said...

We had some ties to Slavic Gospel Assoc. for years through our Church in Los Angeles and with Andrew and Pauline Sememchuk. Andrew (I'm thinking he's still doing work with Slavic Gospel, Pauline died a couple years ago)officiated at my wedding. One of his daughters married my cousin. Our Russian choir recorded for broadcasts into Russia, etc. That is a worthwhile project to get involved with. Blessings...

Connie said...

ellen b: Thank you SO much for your personal 'endorsement' of SGA! I/we are VERY picky about ministries we support and/or promote and have found SGA to staffed by faithful and diligent people. I'd love to go on a mission trip with them sometime--we have our very own personal translator now! :-)