Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful November ~ continued

Nov. 29 ~ This morning I've been reminded afresh of God's endless and matchless forgiveness, for which I am not only in great need of, but so very thankful for.

I've been a Xian for more than 25 years--doesn't even seem possible--but along with that passing of time often comes a complacency. In my early days as a Xian God graciously--so VERY graciously--caused me to understand and embrace His complete forgiveness for the wretched life I had lived in rebellion against Him (see my testimony HERE). I cannot tell you how wonderful and comforting that matter has been to me over the years! Why He would ever forgive me for my willful "in-your-face" rebellion against Him is overwhelming to this finite mind.

But, this morning it occurred to me that while I readily accept His forgiveness for my life prior to salvation, I believe I've grown 'comfortable' and not considered or applied the fact that God's forgiveness is continual, even to this 'old' believer who desperately NEEDS God's forgiveness every moment of every day.

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