Friday, November 09, 2007

November Thankfulness ~ continued

Nov. 8 ~ God in His mercy and grace has redeemed one of our daughters (read more HERE), the transformation brought about in her heart and life has been visible and amazing. Today, I am most thankful for how God, by His Holy Spirit, guides, corrects, and convicts in areas of her life where I could never make a dent! The challenge for me is to resist trying to do what only He can do!

Nov. 9 ~ I'm also thankful that this time of year always seems to stir within me more 'domestic' attitudes and actions! The cool crisp air, the slower pace of outdoor life, and the need to 'snuggle in' causes me to turn my attention and focus more toward 'home making'. I'm planning some home improvement projects, organizing, and trying some new soup recipes and baking some French bread that my family loves--I do too! Bon appetit!

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Marcian said...

Connie, I loved reading these two. I am reminded of how off-limits certain parts of us are for improvement by anyone other than God Himself. I am comforted by His desire to correct and guide me.

And second, I love getting all "nesty", too... It doesn't happen too often, but every once in a while I reorganize something and it feels so good!!!