Monday, November 19, 2007

How Do You "DO" Church?

If you 'do' church anything like what is described in
THIS recent post by Phil Johnson at Pyromaniacs then I hope you are afraid--be VERY afraid!

I've been watching the current "church growth" movement since the late 80's--by "current" I mean the "seeker-sensitive" model. It's the model that has now given us this (courtesy of Phil):

1) Polling people to find out what they want and then giving it to them is an unbiblical approach to church growth (2 Timothy 4:2-4).

2) The so-called seeker-sensitive strategy actually stints discipleship.

3) It engenders worldliness and false conversions.

4) In fact, it's filling the church with people who think they are Christians but have no basis for that confidence because they have little or no true understanding of basic gospel truth—and no appetite for studying God's Word on their own.

Do you 'see' yourself in any of those points? Here are some questions I would like to pose for your further consideration:

1) Ask yourself if you have truly grown in your love AND obedience to God over the years, months, days since professing to be a Christian.

2) Are you able to discern worldliness from godliness? Or does it all seem to flow together? For instance, do you recognize a problem with the church service incorporating Bon Jovi's tunes with Luther's hymns? Or, does the 'dance contest' at the beginning of the Wednesday night service cause you to pause and wonder what that possibly might have to do with coming together and worshipping the one true holy God? Have you considered why you prefer the 'fluff' songs/choruses over the deeper and theologically rich hymns or choruses?

3) Do you struggle with the 'assurance' of your salvation? Do you have a Biblical understanding of what salvation requires and what salvation accomplishes?

4) Do you have even a basic understanding of the gospel? An understanding which is readily communicated to others--whether they ask or not?

5) Do you have a growing love for God's word and a desire to study it--for His glory and your spiritual benefit?

I urge you to examine these things and determine whether you have grown dull and complacent in a man-centered 'seeker-sensitive' church rather than a God exalting church where God's Word is boldly proclaimed (I did not say loudly or obnoxiously proclaimed) AND it is applied to YOUR life through the aid of capable and godly teachers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post a comment. I'll be glad to interact with any serious comments.


Terri said...

Good post Connie, I too have been watching this "seeker friendly" movement with much sadness as I have watched people close to me get swayed into this "me centered" approach in their lives personally. I was recently talking with a woman who was telling me she saw nothing in scripture to stop her from leaving her husband as long as she didn't divorce him...This type of attitude toward scripture grieves me deeply. You might remember me telling you that I have the opportunity to give a testimony at a particularly popular seeker friendly church in January...they have not asked about where I am doctrinally nor have any idea what I will be sharing...It will be very interesting to see the response from these women when I clearly and boldly share the imperative of scripture to be women of sound doctrine!
I am thankful for sisters like you who clearly love the Word of God and live this by example.

Connie said...

terri: You go girl! I'm always thrilled to be in the company of loving and bold Christian women! Not 'pushy', but bold in their understanding of God and what He requires of His people! I have been and will continue to pray about your opportunity to speak in January!!!