Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spiritual Giant?

By God's providence, I am acquainted with a number of women (all professing believers) currently enduring various trails, physical, emotional, relational, and most definitely spiritual. By His grace I've either been asked to, or have offered to come alongside them and walk with them, encouraging them and reminding them what is true of God and applying those truths to their own lives. It's one of the many joys and blessings of being in the Body of Christ.

Why bother? Why even care? It certainly isn't because I have all the answers, or because "I've arrived", or I'm some sort of "spiritual giant"! No, I do this because I've seen what God has done, what He is more than capable of doing--in my life, your life, so many lives! And because I'm constantly aware that I'm not finished with my race (marathon) yet--I'm still "reaching for the prize" right alongside the rest of you.

Strangely enough, God often ordains that those who we have invested in and strengthened (1 Thess. 5:14) may some day come to our aide and strengthen our hearts, minds, and hands in service and worship to Him. What an amazing and awesome God we serve!

One writer put it this way, "...we are all in the fray and trusting God is the hardest thing we will ever do...only the vision of God's character has the power to restore a sense of order and help us regain a steady footing...not as one who has everything figured out but as someone who is still learning, still has a long way to go, and who still suffers the same old struggle to trust God in the here and now."


Elle said...

God, by His Spirit, indeed provides for every good and necessary gift to the Body of believers--to bring each one into a perfect unity of the Spirit. As I've travailed or been beside sisters in travail, I have been aweful-ly impressed by the wondrous works of God. The blessing resides not only on the one who undergoes the trial and perseveres but also to the one who witnesses and praises His Name. May He grant you wisdom and courage for the help and comfort of His people, our kindred in faith.

Marcian said...

Connie that last quote was refreshing and humbling. To know that even those I consider so much more mature in their faith are still struggling as much as I am against the devil. To remember that none of us will "arrive" on earth, only in heaven.