Monday, October 22, 2007

Praying Like an Unbeliever?

Lisa, at Lisa Writes, has posted some thoughts on prayer by John Piper--though the post is a pretty quick read, it is plenty full of "meat" to chew on.

I'm reminded that "prayers soaked in scripture", begin with meditation as described by Don Whitney who says, "Meditation is the missing link between Bible intake (reading) and prayer." For more from Whitney and others on the topic of prayer, read my earlier post on the topic of prayer.

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Lisa writes... said...

Hi Connie!
Thanks so much for the link...sitemeter told me I had some visitors from over your way, so I had to come check it out and I'm glad I did! I look forward to greater perusal as I too strive to practice the reality of my theology.
Blessings to you!