Friday, July 27, 2007

Limited Atonement - Why bother?

Not long ago I posted on "Limited Atonement" (aka: definite atonement and particular redemption) HERE and HERE.

Since that time I've been reading "Definite Atonement" by Dr. Gary Long because a gentle reader brought up the matter of 2 Peter 2:1 and how she desired to understand it in the context of limited/definite atonement. It just so happens that Dr. Long devotes three appendices in his book to address three "problem verses", 2 Peter 2:1 being one of those!

First I must say that I'm grateful for the humble attitudes of my husband, who reminded me of Dr. Long's book, and that of Dr. Long himself. I have to admit that I was tempted to simply appeal to the "whole" of scripture on this matter allowing "scripture to interpret scripture", which I believe places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the Arminian and/or modified Calvinist (aka: universal Calvinist). However, had I done that I would have violated my own stated purpose of blogging, " continually sharpen my own mind and hone my communication skills as they relate to theology...see other Xian women become comfortable with and confident in their own theology". So, you might say that the Holy Spirit has once again taken me "behind the woodshed for a much-needed "whooping"--making me ever-thankful for God's mercy and grace to such a sinner as I. Sheewwwww, glad I got THAT off my chest!

I'm sure it goes without saying that I highly recommend you buy your own copy of Dr. Long's book, "Definite Atonement". While I will be relying on and quoting HEAVILY from it, it's just not like having your very own copy to mark and jot down questions/understandings in the margins!

I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming posts where I will be presenting and considering what Gary* has to say specifically on the 2 Peter passage.

*I hope you don't mind me calling him by his first name--I (we) have met him several times, talked to him on the phone ,and emailed him, so I think that grants me permission for using the doctor's first name, doesn't it?? Ha!


Elle said...

I'll be reading through these posts with interest. I have an Arminian friend who builds her house on these trouble verses. Thanks for doing this series.

OT: Thank you very much for the link to Raw Christianity. The Dr. Hannah proverbs are great reading as well as Gunner's posts in general. I do greatly appreciate the blog tip.

Diane said...

Like Elle, I'll be reading your posts with interest too. It's a verse that pops up continuously on the voice chat program I go on.

Kristine said...

Thanks for posting on this too often neglected issue. Contrary to what many say, I do believe it's an important doctrine to have a scriptural handle on.

I've been studying the Doctrines of Grace with great interest, almost since I became a Christian (due to an insatiable desire to understand what had just happened to me!)

I believe the doctrines espoused by Calvinism to be biblical; and enormously encouraging while evangelasing, as well as a great comfort in, that was just a really long way of saying that I'm glad to see you post on this aspect of it. ;-)


Connie said...

elle: Glad you enjoyed Gunner's blog & posts.

Also very glad to have you along for the "ride" as I wade through these deep waters!

Connie said...

diane: I'm glad to have you along, too for the ride! I'm hoping to be better prepared myself--if my 40+ yr. old brain can retain it all!!!

Connie said...

kristine: You're right, the Doctrines of Grace (aka: Calvinism, Reformed theology) are "enormously encouraging"!

Sounds like you've been a very busy girl since the Lord saved you--reading, listening and learning!