Monday, January 15, 2007

Behind the woodshed, me???

Due to serious and threatening weather conditions for the past 3-4 days, I
haven't had the opportunity to prepare a post for my usual Monday series,
"Theology 101". So, I offer you the following until I am able to sit down and
give some concentrated thought and effort toward "Theology 101" (I've been
thinking on soteriology and sanctification).

Consider this statement in reference to Charles Finney's destructive theology:

I believe that he loved the Lord deeply and destroyed the faith through distortions. And I think that when he got to heaven, God took him behind the woodshed and he got a big whoopin’. And then God said to him, “Enter into the joy of your Master, you idiot.” Don’t get me wrong — we’re all going to get a whoopin’ when we get there. But I hope not that bad.
Then consider this statement as it relates to "going beyond the Bible":

I like Calvin because he says what Calvinists never say: “I don’t know.” When the Bible stops speaking, you stop. But I find preachers who keep on talking. Get your education for one simple reason: to know when God has stopped speaking.
These are important warnings for us as we consider our theology--building and embracing it. I've always understood that I will deserve to "get a whoopin' when we get there", but I really don't want it to be because I was unwilling to say "I don't know"! As I continue to post here at "Practicing Theology", I want to remind you that I don't know A LOT of stuff! I simply want to invite other Xian women to consider some matters they may have previously ignored or thought were "beyond" them.

The quotes above are from the blog of our pastor's son, David "Gunner". Gunner is a student at The Master's Seminary and, along with his dad, recently enjoyed a Winterim class at TMS taught by Dr. John Hannah.

Dr. Hannah indeed does have GREAT wit and wisdom--which not only educates, but cuts to the heart. We GREATLY enjoyed sitting under the teaching of Dr. Hannah while my husband worked on his ThM at DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary). So, you can imagine my "righteous jealousy" when we discovered last week that our pastor was going to attend the class with his son.

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