Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let's talk about girls/women teaching men, okay?

UPDATE (5/4/07): Frank Turk is adding to the discussion HERE

I love it when Xian men take on the topic of women teaching, and Dan's done just that here,
Biblical Christianity: Girls Gone Exegetical! .

This has been a topic near and dear to me over the years for many reasons, here are just a few:

1) In my young charismatic days I was actively pursuing the pastorate. My "model" was Gloria Copeland and I intended to follow in her foot steps. Yes, I'm serious.

2) I applied to ORU (Oral Roberts University) with plans to do graduate work there in theology in preparation for the pastorate.

3) Just before I met my husband the Lord had begun to dramatically changing my theology (a VERY good thing!) , but I still greatly enjoyed studying and discussing the Bible and Xian living.

4) I greatly enjoyed auditing seminary classes while my husband was earning his ThM--I was one of few women in the class.

5) The seminary we attended gradually began to redefine it's mission and purpose for various courses of study to include women in what had previously been designed and restricted to men preparing for the pastorate.

6) I've always been curious why Xian women tend to avoid theology--studying and discussing.

I hope you'll go on over and read Dan's post plus the comments. Then, I hope you'll either post your thoughts there, or come back over here and comment!

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