Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tagged - Get to know me (and my weirdness!)

Oh my! I've been so enthralled with the "women teaching/blogging/writing" topic at Dan's and Frank's blogs that I almost missed the fact that I've been "tagged" THREE times!

Thanks to Terri, Kim, and Gayla for the tag--these are great fun, interesting/entertaining, and great for a little mental break!

Here's the "game", List 7 random facts/habits about yourself. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to tag others and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1) I have witnessed THREE bank robberies--all at the same bank in Dallas. The first two men were strung out on drugs, but the last one was "notorious"--known as "The Dapper Bandit" cause he always dressed well and only stole nice sports cars to use for his get away (this particular day he was driving a red Corvette). I noticed him in the parking lot and watched him walk in the front door--I commented to a co-worker that he was either in a big hurry or a mad customer (which I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with!) . I got distracted by someone/something and lost track of him for a couple of minutes but then noticed him behind the teller line. For a minute I just assumed he was a computer tech working on the system but when I studied the faces of the tellers I realized what was up! One of our marketing people was walking by my desk at the time and I told her, "...sit down and don't turn around, I think we're being robbed". Well, of course she turned around--she'd never worked in a bank before and been "drilled" on this sort of thing. Anyway, I tried to reach the staff in the back of the bank but no one was answering the phone!!!! As the Dapper Bandit left the bank I hunkered down and ran to the front windows so I could get the license plate number--which I did, but it was stolen and quickly ditched several blocks away. He was caught several years later in a high-speed chase through Dallas, and even seriously wounded. The bank installed surveillance cameras in the lobby not long after THAT robbery.

2) I love oysters on the half-shell. My brother used to eat them at a seafood restaurant my family would visit at the end of almost every vacation we took. When I met my husband I realized why I'd developed a taste for such things--he's Cajun and grew up near the Gulf. The evening when we announced our engagement he called one of his Uncles back in Louisiana to share the good news. Much to my surprise the FIRST question out of his Uncle's mouth was, "Does she eat raw oysters?". Imagine that! :-) I also like anchovies--my brother and my sister are to blame for that (always on pizza!).

3) I've flown "first class" just once in my life--we were "bumped" up on Lufthansa during our first return trip from Russia. The food tray was NEVER empty, my glass always full and my feet nice and warm in special little socks for the whole 8+ hour flight!

4) I didn't get chicken pox until I was 30! The little boy who "gave" them to me just graduated from college last year--time flies.

5) I love genealogy--have since I was a kid. The great-grandfather on my dad's side was named John Calvin. A great-great-great-great-grandfather on my mother's side was named John Wesley. It's no wonder I've worked so hard to refine my theology! Ha!

6) I am a "card-carrying" Cherokee Indian--from my mother's side. My ancestors were here before statehood (which celebrates 100 years this year!). While I'm proud of my heritage, I'am not at all "active" in the tribe--and gain nothing from being registered (other than a monthly newsletter!). My interest is primarily for the history/heritage.

7) I can tie the stem of a maraschino cherry in a knot with my tongue--useless, but entertaining!

Well, it's late and I'm heading to bed--I'll tag others tomorrow!


Terri said...

Connie, okay I knew about #5 and #7, but the rest of it, WOW!
Coming from the banking industry myself I have witnessed some pretty scary stuff, but never an actually robbery and you saw 3 of them!
Oysters on the half shell, yummo, especially with hot sauce!
After you’ve flown first class it makes coach seem like a ride in the back of a truck, but who can afford it.
I didn’t know about your Cherokee heritage.
I’m surprised you didn’t mention what an schedule oriented, day planner carrying, organize freak you are, that coming from another organized freak=)

Connie said...

terri: regarding not sharing my "organization" skills (obsession?)--I have to hold back SOMETHING for when I get tagged in the future!!! Ha!

ellen b said...

My husband has Cherokee blood in him, also, from his Fathers side of the family. Interesting randomness.

Kim said...

Great list! You have witnessed 3 robberies! How frightening!

We rode first class on our honeymoon to St. Thomas--it was really nice...I don't think we will for the China trip...we'll be doing good to afford all 6 of us flying there at all!!!! So expensive!


Connie said...

ellen b: then we ARE related! Ha! :-)

kim: You know, I think a honeymoon should be "first class" in ever way possible!

I'm so glad to hear that you plan to take your whole family--in my mind there are absolutely NO negatives with that plan. Except of course the rather cramped seats in coach!

Anonymous said...

Those are quite interesting Connie. :) You're the only person I now know who was involved in a bank robery. ;) How frightening!!!

Interesting about the cherry stem. Just a couple weeks back, my husband popped a stem into his mouth, 'tied' it then popped it back out, all to my complete amazement. Do it again, I demanded! A few minutes later I caught him putting an already tied stem into his mouth! Tricky guy.

Connie said...

gayla: Hmmmmmm, I MUST try that and stop taxing myself so! :-)