Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pastoral care through the eyes of a wife

Today at Tim Challis' blog he has posted on the sad topic of Plagarism In The Pulpit.

The content of Tim's post did NOT surprise me (see the comment I left in response to his post), but served as a contrast to what I have seen and experienced most of my Xian life.

By God's providence (and grace), I am married to a man who God called and has gifted to serve His people. I've known my husband for over 24 years and have lived with him as his wife for over 23 of those 24 years. Like any other wife of a man who desires to serve and honor God according to HIS plan, I see the labor and sacrifice that goes on and should go on. I see him struggle to master the sin in his life and submit to God.

But what I also see is his dedication to searching and studying Scripture in order to build up and edify God's people. That process is a joyous labor to him and many other Godly men I know. Yes, it gets tedious at times. Yes, at times it seems the doors of heaven are closed tight. Yes, there are ALWAYS other needs and duties pressing for attention. Yet, he and other Godly men choose to discipline themselves and humble themselves before the Lord in order to feed His sheep--who are constantly tempted to stray.

This is probably the most emotional post I've made so far in my short time as a blogger, but I was so struck by the CONTRAST of the men who claim to be serving God and the man/men I know who gladly sacrifice and labor in hopes of bringing a pleasing sacrifice to God.

May we faithfully pray for the Shepherds God has provided and equipped for us, and thank God for the ones who deeply desire to honor and serve Him.

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