Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Am I a "groupie"?

This morning as I was going through my "routine" blog check--I have a list of about 4-6 favorites that I check regularly (much better than wasting my time on the local newspaper)--I discovered (not surprisingly) that TeamPyro had yet another post that I found of particular interest.

As I prepared to post a link on my blog to TeamPyro it ocurred to me that some folks may accuse me of being a Pyromaniacs "groupie"!! Hmmmmm, so be it! :-) The fact of the matter is, the guys at Pyromaniacs have recently tackled some topics and matters that are near and dear to my heart--and my own Xian experience.

The two primary topics on my mind and heart are, 1) the misuse and abuse of God's Word, and 2) the misrepresentation of who God is--ALL of His character and attributes.

So, without further ado, I encourage you to check out Dan Phillips' post on Fundamental convictions about the Word, and the difference they make.

Sidenote as of 2:10 p.m. CT - I posted a comment to Dan's post EARLY this morning. Since then it seems that I've gotten myself into a bit of a "fray" in the comments section of this Pyro post. It completely caught me off guard, as I consider most of my comments to be pretty benign. But I must admit this has been a profitable and challenging exercise--I don't ever want to stop learning! Takes me back to the days when John was in seminary--I loved to sit in on those discussions!!


C.T. Lillies said...


Pyro gets something like half a million groupies a year if you're one. Don't worry about it!

Just thought I'd stop by and let you know that I appreciated your comments this morning on the Pyro blog. I lived in Tulsa for several years and never saw anything but harm come from the charismatic movement. I went mostly to Southern Baptist Churches but they were all marked by it in one way or another. Many people with whom I tried to share Christ were simply not interested because of the "ministries" of those men you mentioned--or because of the inconsistency of their followers.

Thanks again for your kind replies...

"...the word of God is not bound."--2 Timothy 2:9

Kim said...

I'm a Pyro groupie. It doesn't bother me a bit!

4given said...

Me too... and to God be ALL the glory for what these men teach.