Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a small world after all, it's a small world...

Lisa @ Deo Volente, "Ukrainiac", and me!

Earlier today I had the GREAT joy of meeting "Ukrainiac" (a blogging friend) face-to-face! Ukrainiac and her dear husband "Dr. Ukrainiac" are medical missionaries in--guess where--Ukraine! They were passing through our area while here in the States for a few weeks and my 'real-life' friend Lisa at Deo Volente made sure I knew they'd be at the airport long enough for a short visit.

The next time we all meet again just might be in Glory!


Kristine said...

Very cool :)

Lisa Nunley said...

God-willing sooner. :-)
It was soooo good to see you again Connie!

TulipGirl said...


Small world, isn't it? Since I only "know" you and Lisa online, but know Marianna irl from Ukraine!

Actually, they were at my ILs new church when they were in FL, but we were unable to meet up with them. Disappointing, but still kinda funny the my ILs saw them.