Monday, February 16, 2009

Saucy on prophecy

Contemporary attempts to redefine Biblical prophecy argue for a 'lesser gift' which is not held to the same Biblical standard, nor is it considered authoritative.

However, in response to such attempts Robert L. Saucy reminds us:
"Prophecy in the biblical sense [is] speech which is inspired by the Spirit and therefore totally true and authoritative"

"we have seen nothing sufficient to overturn the traditional understanding of all genuine prophecy as speech directly inspired by the Spirit of God and therefore fully authoritative"

Robert L. Saucy, "Prophecy Today? An Initial Response", Sundoulos [Spring 1990]

(Source: Bibliotheca Sacra 150 (April-June 1993), F. David Farnell, "When Will the Gift of Prophecy Cease?")

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