Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sharing my heart (again) for 'older' Russian orphans

Earlier today I posted THESE PHOTOS at our adoption blog, and the following on my facebook account:

'Older' Russian orphans currently visiting...

This is the first 'Note' I've posted on facebook--I normally just allow my blog feed to post here cause I'm not a particularly good or prolific writer. :-)

But, because Russian orphans are VERY 'near and dear' to my heart I want to do what I can to spread the word, and URGE Christian couples/families to seriously consider meeting this group of 14 'older' Russian orphans while they are visiting the Tulsa/Oklahoma area until Jan. 18 (that's this Sunday!). Meeting one or more of these children in NO way obligates you to adopt, but you will come away with a better understanding and greater compassion that God can and will use for His glory!

These children (ages 8-14) are here through a "hosting program" which places each child with a host family for the 10 days they will be here. They get to enjoy lots of time with those families as well as group activities and events with the other orphans.

As far as 'hosting programs' go, I've been VERY impressed with what I've seen and heard so far. Primarily because this host program is sort of 'partnering' with local churches and is focused on showing these children the love of Christ and sharing the Gospel with them. Imagine the impact this makes on a child in contrast to the minimal opportunity for such love and grace in the orphanage setting.

Last night Nina and I attended the "Russian Culture" program the children put on at a local church. We got to hear the kids sing (in Russian!!!), answer some simple questions about their favorite things/activities, their hopes for the future, and their time here.

As you can imagine, I 'know' Russian orphans pretty well--not just because of our girls, but because we spent 4 weeks in Russia visiting their orphanage and interacting with the other kids, we have friends and acquaintances who have adopted Russian orphans, and we actively seek out opportunities to meet and visit with Russian orphans during their visits here--we've seen and met many Russian orphans.

So, I was more than a little surprised--pleasantly--to read the bios. of the kids, see them interacting with one another, interacting my their host families, and interacting with my own little Russian who has forgotten much of her native language. These kids are VERY NORMAL--some enjoy school and some don't, some are musically talented some are not, some are shy and some are not, some care about being 'stylish' and some do not, some enjoy reading and some prefer being busy/active--NORMAL. :-)

Whether God has ordained for you the challenge and blessing of adopting, or the blessing of offering some level support, I URGE you to 'partner' with agencies and organizations who are seeking to honor God through their ministry to 'older' orphans.

To learn more about this and other host programs (in various states throughout the year) please feel free to contact me, or visit the "Lighthouse Project" website,, or the coordinator's blog at


Steve Scott said...


It's great to see interest in adopting older children. Americans mostly hear about adoption in terms of the younger ones. There's also a need for post-emancipation "adoption" of (or at least ministering to) those who have already turned 18 and forced out of the foster system, but still need a family to help them out. If we ever get the opportunity, this might be something for us.

Kristine said...

thanks for sharing your heart here.