Thursday, November 06, 2008

Showing Christ's Love for Children in the CIS

Please consider taking part in this year's Immanuel's Child program benefiting children in the former Soviet Union.

Just $25 will enable Russian churches to purchase and give away much needed items to children (Russian Bible, hygiene/toiletries, fresh fruit, clothing, etc.).

Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) has been ministering in Russia since 1934--long before many ministries dared. Please visit SGA's website.


Becky, a slave of Christ said...

I have not been keeping up with blogging at all recently...just checking in a bit here and there, but how excited I am to discover (as I travel back in time on your blog) that you are familiar with SGA! Our church supports them as well. We have sent people to Russia several times and our family has participated in Immanuel's Child for the past two years (the number of Christmases we have been here). What a blessing to be a part of this ministry.

Connie said...

becky: SGA has been 'on our radar screen' since my husband's Seminary days (Dallas Theological) and became part of our life when we started ordering books (in Russian) for our girls before we brought them home!

I/we have often wished we could go on a mission trip to Russia with SGA--our church (and/or elders) has been invited several times but there always seems to be a conflict.

One last 'tidbit' related to SGA. Bob Provost (Pres. of SGA) was in town several weeks after we brought our girls home. He spoke one Wed. evening in our church, and since he had been told about our girls he sought them out in the congregation and spoke Russian to them from the pulpit! I remember thinking how 'cool' that was, but realizing how 'not cool' our oldest responded (still quite cold and defensive in those days). Still, he was gracious and reached out to our girls after the service. A little over a year later I had the pleasure of writing to him and telling him how the Lord had saved our 'cold and stoic' Russian daughter--and had clearly CHANGED her forever!!! He wrote a brief note back saying that we remembered her response and countenance, and how he rejoiced with us that the Lord had made her His own!

If you are interested, you can read up on our adoption journey (as well as our Olga's testimony) at our adoption blog that is linked on the top of my righthand sidebar!

Sorry--I do 'go on and on' about our girls and Russia!!!! :-)

Becky, a slave of Christ said...

I have been to your other blogs before, but had not read Olga's testimony; what an incredible story! What a blessing that God preserved her and saved her through you and your husband. He will rescue His own and draw them to Him. This gives SGA a face; thanks for sharing Connie...and no need to apologize for being a happy momma!